Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations

The Foyle Research Institute of Monaco (FRIM) supports and encourages research and field explorations on archaeological and anthropological subjects. This includes the subjects of ancient civilizations, underwater ruins, alternative archaeology, remote imaging in archaeology, and other aspects of archaeology and anthropology.

FRIM would like to request proposals for field exploratory and research projects for funding consideration on the following specific subject:

  1. Prehistoric societies on the island of Malta;
  2. Possible Pre-Maori societies in New Zealand;
  3. The Gung Padang megalithic ruins in Java, Indonesia;
  4. The ancient sunken city of Poompuhar, off the coast of present day Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu State, in southeastern India;
  5. The ancient sunken ruins off the southeast coast of Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram), Tamil Nadu State, in southeastern India;
  6. The ancient sunken city Dwarka (Dwaraka, Dvaraka) in the Gulf of Cambay (Khambhat), off the coast from present day Dwarka, Gujarat, in northwestern India.
  7. The “Golden Books of the Mayas” a legendary library of ancient Mayan writings said to be somewhere along the Usumacinta River on the border of Mexico and Guatemala;
  8. Possible Prehistoric societies in the Azores;
  9. Alternative theories of human origins, evolution, and development;
  10. Any other highly innovative projects related to archaeology and ancient civilizations.
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