The Foyle Research Institute of Monaco (FRIM) supports and encourages research in the fields of consciousness and extraordinary cognitive and mental abilities, such as genius abilities, intuition, psychokinesis and telekinesis, remote viewing, telepathy, precognition, and psychometry, some of which are very controversial.

FRIM would like to request research proposals for funding consideration in the following specific areas:

  1. Origin and manifestation of consciousness in humans and animals;
  2. Research and development of pharmaceutical, herbal, or energy based methods for stimulating the development of, or enhancement of the extraordinary cognitive abilities noted above.
  3. Any methods for definitively determining if a person has a particular extraordinary mental ability, given the limitations of current scientific methods and current technology.
  4. Remote viewing methods for archaeological, exploration, locating, and other uses;
    Mind-Body and Mind-Matter interactions;
  5. Research on dowsing and its current use by the military, oil exploration companies, mining companies, and water finding services;
  6. Research on extraordinary mental abilities that has been conducted by Russian, Eastern European, and Chinese researchers;
  7. Abilities of animals to detect medical disorders, earthquakes, volcanoes and other events;
  8. Any other highly innovative projects related to consciousness, parapsychology, or related subjects.
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