Life Sciences

The Foyle Research Institute of Monaco (FRIM) supports and encourages highly innovative and sometimes controversial research in the biomedical and life sciences. FRIM is well aware that there are already many innovative projects being funded by major companies, national foundations, and government agencies in the Life Sciences fields, including some of those noted below. However, there are numerous highly innovative biomedical subjects and methods that researchers have great difficulty getting funding for, which FRIM seeks to help provide.

FRIM would like to request research proposals for funding consideration in the following specific areas:

  1. Research, field expeditions, remote viewing, drone technology, and other methods to locate the following:
    • Possible and reported hominids in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, northwestern United States, and western Canada;
    • Any other cryptid creatures of substantial size;
  2. Prion Diseases and their cure: Including Mad-cow, Mad-deer, Mad-cat, and other prion diseases;
  3. Biophoton and mitogenetic radiation of cells, tissues, and whole organisms;
  4. Limb regeneration in humans for amputees;
  5. Spinal cord reattachment and fusion to restore movement of paraplegics;
  6. Electromagnetic, pulsed sound, or subtle energy methods to enhance the growth, yield, and production of agriculture food crops to feed a hungry world;
  7. Any other highly innovative projects related to the life sciences, which due to its controversial or speculative nature may not by accepted or funded through mainstream funding sources.
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